Feedback is very vital in running a business. It provides with fresh ideas on ways to improve your business and insights to the need of the customers. If you want to know how satisfied your customers are , find it out with the premier feedback app - “Feedaro”.
FEEDARO- Feedback with Fun + Mini CRM
1. FEEDBACK – Get suggestions to improve your business,service and experience from your very own customers.
2. SUITABILITY - Works best for Restaurants, Cafes, Saloons and Showrooms.
3.CHARTS AND REPORTS - Creative ways like pie charts, graphical representation, tabular form,donut chart,real time charts and line graphs can be used by customers to provide ratings.
4.CUSTOMER RATINGS- Users can rate the service with attractive Smileys.
5. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT- Sending birthday and anniversary emails to customers and maintaining a good rapport with them.
6. INSTANT FEEDBACK- Instant updates of the user feedback are given via notification.
7. LIST- Serves the filtered list of Feedbacks & customers.
8.FACEBOOK AND ZOMATO REVIEW- Also provides the option of Facebook and Zomato review.

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